Zamfara school girls abduction: close to 550 student were taken away – Teacher tell

An eyewitness happen to be a teacher at Government Girls Secondary School, Jangebe, in Talata Mafara Local Government Area of Zamfara State said close to 550 female students were abducted by the gunmen who invaded the school

Racall on NTZ earlier report that Over 300 female student were taken away by the bandits who were in uniform disguise as security personnel and arrived at the school in Hilux and motorcycles in the early hour of today Friday February 26 and forcefully abducted the female student in the hostel
The incident was confirmed by the Zamfara state government through the commissioners of security and human affairs, Abubakar Dauran who said

“I can confirm to you now that we have sadly received the report on the abduction of the students of GGSS Jangebe and right now, I am on my way to the school.

“At this moment, l cannot say how many students were taken away by the gunmen until l get there, but we have already mobilized security men and members of the vigilantatè who are now in pursuit of the abductors,” the commissioner said

The said school teacher who witness the scene said while speaking with daily post correspondent that abductors initially take 600 students from the hostel in the school premises but later left 50 student on their way out of the school
Meanwhile, the parent of those student left by the abductors arrived at the school very early at 5am and take their child while those abducted student’s parent who arrived the school slum and some fainted in the school premises

“Initially, the school authorities prevented them from going with the remaining students but they grew angrier and began to pull down doors and windows of the buildings in the school and the school authority had to yield to their demands.

“When the gunmen laid siege, they attacked the soldiers stationed in the community before they gained entry into the school.

“Some people told us that they stationed vehicles at the outskirts of the school. The teacher said

He also disclosed that ever since the incident have happen the security operatives have been on the search and trailing of the gunmen with efforts from vigilante groups and other residents volunteer

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8 months ago

A ma wa daran faa.