“Your Generation will not know peace until you come out and confess” – Rapper, Young6ix rained curses on jeweller who got him jailed

The Nigeria rapper, Onome Onokohwomo well know as Young6ix has tool to his social media page to rain curses on the jeweller woo ruined his day in the US by wrongly accused, arrested and got him jailed for some hours

In 2019, the rapper posted a video which captured the moment he gained freedom from the police custody in the United States after spending few hours in jailed for offence he said he was wrongly accused of

Recount on his experience he encountered while in jail which made him prayed that nobody should go through such except that jeweller

He wrote

”My prayer is nobody should go through what I went through in American cell. Nobody except the guy who made me go through it. Your generation will not know peace until you come out and confess, your daughters and sons we will not know success until you confess. On my last breath.

Racism can cause more mental health issues than we know.”

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