Why I Name My Church “Abdulrauf Aregbesola Cathedral” – Pastor Oshinfade Explained

The founder of Holy Divine Evangelical Church, [ Cherubim and Seraphim ] pastor Victor Oshinfade has elaborate why he named his church after Minister of interior, Ogbeni Abdulrauf Aregbesola.

Speaking in an interview with Osun Defender, the pastor said he received a spiritual message to name the church after the former governor of Osun state on April 18, 1994, before the church was built, but the message didn’t come to pass until September 2, 2006.

Oshinfade said the name of the church, “Abdulrauf Aregbsola Cathedral” was approved by his church members.

Oshinfade said the name of the church, “Abdulrauf Aregbsola Cathedral” was approved by his church members.

He said, “Naming the church after Aregbesola was inspirational. I got the message on 18th of April, 1994. When I told Aregbesola, he sounded skeptical and questioned how would the church be, but I told him God will fulfill the message. God fulfilled the message to name my church after Aregbesola on 2nd of September, 2006 while he was the Commissioner for Works in Lagos state.”

“When we wanted to buy the land, we did not have money. I got a man that sold me a land and told me to be paying N5000 every month. But the man died within a short period of time. His wife requested we pay N500, 000 to complete the payment, but I did not have the money.

“I went to meet Aregbesola who I fondly called De-Young, Aregbesola who asked me to see him the next day. On the next day, he instructed his Personal Assistant. Engr Lash to give me the money. I went back home and told the church members who appreciated the gesture. It was a collective decision to name the church after Aregbesola. The church wanted to appreciate those that donated and worked for its erection. We named some structures in the church after others who donated to make the building a reality.”

The pastor said his relationship with Aregbesola dates back to the 90s, when they were both in Social Democratic Party (SDP) and Alliance for Democracy.

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