What’s Amazed you today? Here are 5 mind-blow facts around the world that will make your day

Hi everyone

It’s another brand new day, brand new idea and as well brand new challenge, as always, this afternoon I’m about to take you round the world for nothing else but to EXPLORE!

By the way, I hope your day is going on well, if yes, No or humm… Maybe, regardless, let’s cool off our brain and relax our muscles with these five amazing facts, and for today I decided to tour round the globe just to serves you something that will left you saying “No wait, really 😳?

If you are ready, let go!

  1. I started from US

would you believe that when Jeff Bezos want a name for his company he actually has to search through dictionary for a simple name begin with the letter “A”?. He began looking through dictionary and settled with “Amazon” so that it would appear early if name of company were to arranged in alphabetical order, well apart from that he believe that rivers are the biggest in the world as he hope his company would be. Interesting!

  1. Let’s move to India

The man above is Virender Singh, the deaf and mute wrestler who had won International medal for India and has won 3 Deaflympics Gold Medals and a Bronze Medal in 4 appearances. He won Gold Medals at 2005 Summer Deaflympics (Melbourne, Australia) but still can not afford a house

Virender also won the World Title at the World Championship and has Gold, Silver and Bronze separately at the three World Deaf Wrestling Championships that he has been to.

Virender won a Gold at 2016 World Deaf Wrestling Championship (Tehran, Iran), a Silver at 2008 World Deaf Wrestling Championship (Yerevan, Armenia) and a Bronze at the 2012 World Deaf Wrestling Championship (Sofia, Bulgaria).

This makes it 7 medals at the 7 international events that Virender has been a part of but despite all these achievements he still can not afford much because he had been consistently ignored for sporting and cash award as a result of the India government not pay much attention on deaf games

  1. On my way to France, will you join me

Would you believe that there are coffee shops in France which charge £7 for rude customers and £1.4 for customers who speak politely to staff?

Of a customer order just un café (a coffee) such customer have to caught up a whopping £7. if another person says “un café, s’il vous plait, “ (a cafe, please) it costs £4 but if a customer says “bonjour, un café, s’il vous plant” (hello, a coffee, please) they only pay £1.4

apparently, the price difference started out as a joke by a café owner but he has seen as the attitude change in customer with time.

  1. Let’s move to Canada

Here, we have a woman who lost her wedding ring while weeding in a garden and found the ring in her vegetables patch after 13 years she lost it
She lost the ring in 2004 and ever since then have kept the fact that she lost a wedding ring to herself for a decades except one of her son who she only told

  1. I believe you are still with your travel document, let’s travel to Mexico

Would you believe that there is a place in South of Mexico which has an Island of the Dolls called Isla de Las Munecas?.

A young girl drowned on the island and, sometime after, a doll rose to the surface. The owner of the island, Don Julian Santana Barrera, presumed the doll had belonged to the little girl. He hung it in a tree as a show of respect for the young girl.

The gesture was to no avail, however, as her spirit continued to haunt him. In response, he hung even more dolls to appease her.

Barrera passed away in 2001, and the island has become a popular tourist attraction, where visitors come to hang even more dolls.

So, how do you see all these and which one amazed you most. Let me know through the comment section down below and don’t forget to share with friends

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