What are some unbelievable true people in real life

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It’s another Monday afternoon here, not an ordinary Monday but an Easter Monday. I’m using this to say HAPPY EASTER TO ALL CHRISTIAN AROUND THE WORLD

As always, I’m about to astound your view with another amazing fact which as always leave you saying “No wait, really!”.

Let’s get down

There is reason people mumble that truth is stranger than friction, between impressive invention and natural oddities the world we are is a pretty incredible place , just when you think you have toured enough and well exposed to many things, things can shock you in delightful way

Just like when I’m wondering how we “human being” are created in different shapes, manner, size, with different level of adaptability in every individual, then I come across some human being created in a completely unique and mysterious way that made my eyes go wide in shock
Curious who they are? Currently there are hundreds of such rear people around the world and today I’m here to serve you some,
So prepare to be astounded

  1. The world’s Hairiest Girl – Supatra “natty” sasuphan

supatra natty sasuphan, A 17-year-old from Bangkok, Thailand suffer from rare genetic condition Ambras Syndrome which is more commonly known as “Werewolves Syndrome”

Her condition mean that she has excessive hair grow all over her body including her face which make her won Guinness Record back in 2010
All efforts from lasers treatment are not only end in futile but also actually causing it to come back thicker and quicker

A decade after achieving Guinness World Records Supatra has now decide to start regularly shaving her face for the first time after getting married to her love of her life

  1. World’s Hairless Man – Tómas Lemarquis

Tómas Lemarquis is a French-Icelandic actor who was born with alopecia universalis, a medical condition which made him a hairless human being at age 13

Lemarquis loss all air in his body die to the disease which include eyebrows, eyelashes, chest air, Armpit air and pubic air, till today no treatment is used to cure such medical condition

  1. The world’s smallest waist woman – Cathie Jung

Cathie Jung is an American Victorian dress in manteo, NC united state. She bags Guinness World Records of Smallest waist human being on Earth.

Her tiny waist measured just 38.1 centimetres
Since 1983, she has worn a corset 23 hours a day, only removing it for her daily shower.

The mother of three, who does not eat a special diet or exercise to maintain her waist, says: “We had no intention of setting a record. It was about dressing appropriately for the age.”

  1. Most Pierce woman in the world – Elaine Davidson

Elaine Davidson is a former nurse born in Berninsfield, Brazil now reside in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She won Guineas world record of most pierce woman officially in 2010, during that time she had 462 piercing with 192 in her face alone, on the 6th of August after she was re-examined she was found to have 720 piercing

While seen performing at Edinburgh festival in 2005, Scotland, it was reported that she had 3,950/piercing. It was also learnt that she had more piercing in the genitalia than any other part of her body

As of February 2009 prior to year she won the world record her piecing was totalled 6,005

In 2011 she successfully got married to Douglas Watson, mad of cause her piercing continue to gain some figure and was estimated at 6,925, the couple eventually divorce in the following year

  1. World’s Youngest Mother ever – Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado

Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado from the Ticrapo district, Peru gave birth by cesarean in Lima at age five years, seven month and 21 days.

Her infant was 2.64Kg boy named Gerardo
Medina’s parent who assumed that their daughter has a tumor, took her to a nearby hospital in late March where she then was founded to be seven month pregnant by interrogating her parent, the doctor understood that Medina had entered into procacious puberty ( a situation when hormone gland activated earlier than normal very early after birth)

However, followed the giving birth of Medina, Medina’s father was arrested on suspicious of sexual abuse and later got released due to lack of genuine evident and till today the biological father of Gerardo was never identified

How do you feel after reading these?
don’t leave just like that, drop your view in the comment section below. Which one AMAZED YOU MOST?

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