US request applicant from qualified Nigerian teachers wishing to teach Yoruba and Hausa in the State

The united state of America have announced through public affair section of the US mission in Nigeria job opportunities for interested and well qualified teachers/lecturers who wish to teach Hausa and Yoruba language in the state

The application which has been opened on February 1st call on qualified Nigerians teacher who have in-depth knowledge in Yoruba and Hausa Language and genuinely understand the respective culture and are interested in teaching US student in Basic, elementary school, college and universities and also will be learning US culture while engaging in none professional studies

The Foreign Language Teaching Assistant program (FLTA) spill out the field of study required applicant who are major in English language, Education, Hausa, Yoruba, Linguistics and Languages

What are Grant Benefit on this : 

To be qualified for this program applicant must:

  1. be Nigerian by citizens with valid passport approved by government
  2. have at least B.Sc in English language, Linguistics, Yoruba and Hausa language
  3. have Teaching experience in secondary or tertiary institutions teaching said languages
  4. Must be acknowledge by such school
  5. Have outstanding performance in England proficiency which can be rate up with 90 of TOEFL test
  6. At least have passed credit in Yoruba or Hausa language in WAEC/NECO result
  7. Be genuine Yoruba or Hausa by tribe with in-depth knowledge of of the culture and current event

Current event in the country

  1. Posses sense of leadership and psychologically okay to motivate and counsel student in emphatic manner

click here to read Others and application link with instruction

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