Osun Mosque Attack: “We attack because Muslim worshippers attempt to unmasked our Masquerade” – Custodian of Esubiyi masquerade says

The custodian of the Esubiyi masquerader, Fashola Esuleke has accused the Muslim group of masterminding an attack on the masquerader during a visit to the area.

In a clash that took place in Oluode Aranyin’s compound, Osogbo, between the leadership of the Kamorudeen Society of Nigeria and followers of the Esubiyi masquerader, on Monday, traded accusations over the incident which left one man dead and 19 others injured. Click here to read more

while briefing what transpired the clash to the newsmen, the Chief Imam of the society, Qosim Yunus, admitted that the group had an existing frosty relationship with the followers of the Esubiyi masquerader, which  resulted in litigation in the past.

Imam Qosim added that they are having a special prayer in front of the mosque under canopy without any hitch until the Esubiyi masquerader and his followers got to the area.

While reacting to the comment of Imam, Fashola who was the custodian of the masquerade said his father, Chief Kayode Esuleke, owns the masquerader, alleged that members of the Islamic group attempted to unmask the masquerader during the attack,

He said the masquerader was in the area to greet a family member and after he had prayed for the man and left his house, the procession came under attack as a member of the Islamic group attempted to remove the veil on the masquerader.

He stated, “We were in the area to greet a family member and we had moved to the house of the said man, passing by members of the Kamorudeen Society, who sat under the canopy in front of their mosque. We didn’t beat drums or make a noise. But when we were returning, our procession came under attack.

“Some members of the Islamic group went to the upper part of the mosque and started pelting us with stones. One of them charged forward and attempted to remove the veil covering the face of our masquerader.

“But some of our men rescued the masquerader. Five of our members were also injured. Before we got to the area, we passed through many mosques and churches. Nothing like that happened. The man should be investigated.”

The Muslim group had however, gave the Osun State Government 72 hours to arrest the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, the state police command via its command’s spokesperson, Yemisi Opalola, has said some people have been arrested in connection with the clash.

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