Top 5 highly sophisticated technology you hardly believe exist

Sometimes I wondered, will humanity reach a point where it won’t be able to create new technology anymore because all possible technology have already been invented.

I guess this should be out of thought because necessity is the mother of invention

There is always going to be a new need of some sort, there is always going to be a better technology or an improvement or something that will surely lead to something new that sometime we didn’t even imagine

For instance,… Remember THIS was once very best technology can create which every happy home considered best, the tremendous impact of technology in the whole world cannot be overestimated


This beautiful transparent TV blends in with every living room design. Designer Michael Friebe describe as the first of its kind, the leowe invisio introduce technical innovation, by combine conventional  LCD and the latest OLED DISPLAY technology which specially allow to create Non transparent solid moving picture which rich color reproduction and full contrast range from solid black to pristine white.


     The main component of the transparent TV is the OLED screen  technology as said earlier and it encompasses amazing properties because of the way it’s constructed, basically OLED are made of couple of plastic layer, organic/carbon-base materials, sandwich between two layer of glass. This is the main reason why one can see through the OLED screen

The design also include tiny clear cathode to inject electron to flow out of the device when you turn on the TV it send electricity through the plastic layer and it react with chemical in the plastic to create the picture on the screen

  1. TEMPESCOPE also refer to as WEATHER BOX

Sometimes we wish know how the weather is doing before we went out. Even though there are many weather apps but most of us don’t always use them, but now with The TEMPESCOPE which brings the weather into the living room. It’s an ambient physical display that visualizes various weather conditions like when its rain cloud and lightning. Its like having a window that let you outside in a well closet building


  TEMPESCOPE connect to the internet via your Smartphone where its app has already been installed, once you setup the TEMESCOPE and the app, the app will automatically upload the latest weather forecast in the background when you are near the tempescope wirelessly. NO gain saying on this, it’s so good to know the weather forecast in a beautiful responsive climate display like this   


Decade ago when mobile phone started appearing in the hand of average people where dominant form factor was the flip phone which was relatively easier to hold and can be flip down to end a call. Different improvement of this device have seen so far especially in some science fiction movies are now available for everyday use by all customer

Foldable Smartphone first invade the technology market with flexPai in the late 2018, ever since then Samsung has been the dominant player in the foldable Smartphone production. LG also demonstrate its foldable display technology but with its recent exit from the Smartphone sector

Surprisingly when saying “FOLDABLE ITEMS” not only peculiar to a smartphone but also to many other gadgets, home appliance, office equipment which includes

Foldable electric kettle

Foldable Table


TB Groupe, the French maker of this knives must have set to cause a big stir in the culinary world

Furtif evercut knives are so strong to the extent that you will only have to sharpen them once in every 25 years. Interesting!!

How could this possible?

Furtif evercut was made from titanium-carbide making them 300 times stronger than normal knives. Its unique design gives the knives a really awesome appearance


Gone are the days when one is  trying to loose weight and look fit which lead to strict lifestyle where one have no choice but to keep watch on what, how and when to eat. With EPIFORK which is not an ordinary fork. It help lose weight, the fork which is characterized with vibrating mechanism whenever you are eating too fast which is bad for person trying to lose weight.

It measure several things and upload it to the internet so you can track your progress in losing weight   

So… here are the five amazing new technology being invented in different part of the world, do let us know which one AMAZED YOU MOST

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