What are thing you are getting wrong as an upcoming hip hop artist? Let’s have a serious discussion here

I could remember just a decade and half ago Nigeria music industry was painted by most Nigerian as irresponsible and unemployed and not ready to work people compares to nowadays where even most parents are more supportive to any of their children that have talent in any area of life like singing and this seems to contribute substantially to the much traffic and huge competition in the industry today.

Now let’s put that aside

You, as a talented pop singer I known you would have already aware of many people either more or less talented than you striving and keep on moving every single day on their road to stardom

By the way, though you still have a very long way to your stardom but have you ever think back in other word re-access and reanalyze how you get to where you are today?. Yes! There may be many thing you are doing wrong that is extremely right in your own perspective and everyone around you

Here are some

being in hurry in passing some major career projects is good but in what sense, let’s have a clear and concise illustration here, you keep releasing single/free style week in week out or monthly bases just to impressed and get acknowledge by big fish in the industry but unfortunately you keep getting the same result, at this juncture, it will be very humble to sit down and reaccess your project and ask your self what my lyrics encompasses,

Is it really everyone can listen my music or do I need to target some audience. “If it’s presentable how do I present it to people in an unannoyed way” because to be honest here, all big fish that own record label really known what they want, people need to appreciate your diligence before they can

99.9% of young talent out their have at least one big artist they look forward to in the industry, yes this is normal but let’s ask what did you really like about such artist that makes you choose him/her as your role model or the artist you would like to imitate

If you like the music of such artist, his/her lyrics, voice, how he/she perform on stage, this is very good but it doesn’t mean you should imitate all his/her way of life, for instance prominent artist you see/watch smoking heavily nowadays doesn’t do such thing during their hassle and muzzle stage of their respective career and according to the saying “First impression last long” so for every few people listen to your song let them have a very good impression of you as this will also help your career abundantly

According to my research here, if I gathered 100 young music talent early of January almost half of them will give up on music before december, WHY
when I ask those people that gave up WHY all they said is “I don’t think I have the courage to move on anymore”
But deep inside their hearth there is one question that led them to that decision which is “When will I get known”

Hmmm…Yes this is a technical question that no artist have answer for and it’s a very common pressure that most upcoming artist yet to get known face but I consider it as unnecessary pressure, Yes it is!

The situation is that will thing start getting better if you leave your dream?
Unless you don’t have passion for your career, things will only start getting better if continue to pursue and while on this just keep on thinking/imagine those good things you wish to accomplish on your stardom

every good thing need little or more awareness for people to get involve as promotion is considered as key factor of getting your song to the right audience (I.e people that will appreciate you diligence) required a perfect time.

Let’s reason together as an upcoming and yet to get known artist who need to cease every single moment you have a very low chance of getting your expected result when you release a single or Epp or album while songs from prominent artist are trending all round

some of the main reason why we are given two ears and only one mouth is to listen and listen good and once given a response it’s cannot be reversed with little effort. Even after one thousand trial with 999 error and just only one success of your project, people (who may even be your fellow colleagues) criticised,

don’t get it wrong those people will be very small in number also mind you, you are just an upcoming artist not a legend. It will be very polite to listen or read those criticized comment if at all you want to or try to give it an intensive thought if at all you want to give response
And get it registered, the higher you go the more haters you will get

most artist won’t accept that fans are their major source of income share holder of their career and only headmaster that shows report card of nay of their projects if at all they did well

On knowing this it will give you, the ability to maintain your relevancy in the industry

So here are some I thought on my own you might be getting wrong unaware

If there is any point that seems not gel or you have in mind , kindly share it in the comment section below

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