The wonder man, Misheck Nyandoro who had 151 children with 16 wives says “I had no plan of stopping anytime soon.”

A 66-year-old man,  Misheck Nyandoro who had 151 children from 16 wives has revealed that he has no plan of stopping fathering and Marrying anytime soon until the day death visit.  

The man who hail from Mbire in Mashonaland Central of Zimbabwe, said this while in an interview with Herald adding that there is already plan in place to knock tie with his 17th wives which according to him will add to his existing children

 “From my working children and getting pampered with money through EcoCash, almost daily and 11 of my children have put me on funeral policy. I get goods from sons-in-law.

“I have not stopped making babies, the sky is the limit. I have not stopped marrying either, God allowing, I will go even up to 100 wives and maybe 1000 children. Western Europe has a big project to reduce Africa’s population and am against that. I am a war veteran, the Government pays for my children’s fees. I have no problem.”

When ask how did he cope sexually with all 17 wives.

He said, that is the only responsibilities he always make sure he shouldn’t fail, he said he takes into account a number of variables in coming up with the duty roster for his 16 wives’ conjugal rights. Claiming that he does not take any sex enhancement drug to satisfy his wives, he added that he is the only person who knows and maintains the duty roster.

“I am strong and feel as strong as I was when I was 18. I give conjugal rights to an average of four wives a night and I do the duty roaster personally. I go to the targeted bedrooms one by one. That is my job. There is no other job I do. They are all catered for and you can see they are happy. Afternoon conjugal rights are not considered during the duty roster, for, that is mainly accidental.

“The moment I see the next woman, she is a completely new person and I feel like I haven’t done anything before. There is no magic but a sound mind. Never be lied to about juju or magic or anything. To me, every wife is a new person. It feels different.

“When I am dealing with each wife, I tune myself to her age and demands so that we operate from the same level. What I do with the young wives is not what I do with the elderly ones.

“But again the reason why I am marrying two or three more in the recent future is that the elderly wives are no longer much interested in sex.

“At times I am chased away or told to go for the younger ones. 

“I am not employed. My duty is to satisfy my wives. I know each of them personally and I satisfy them accordingly.”

Nyandoro’s huge family survives by farming. He was recently allocated 93 hectares near Mvurwi Mountains after the government took note of his family’s need. He said that after every harvest, he makes sure to share equitably according to the needs of the 16 wives.

At the moment, 19 of Nyandaro’s children are employed. 6 are members of the Zimbabwe National Army while 2 are members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police. Another 11 are employed in different professions. He also has 13 sons-in-law after marrying off 13 daughters.

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