The Legendary Footballer, Didier Drogba separate from wife after 20-years of being together

Cote d’Ivoire and Chelsea fc legendary player, Didier Drogba has announced separate from his wife, Lalla Diakite after 20 years of married

The retired footballer who usually don’t speak publicly about his personal life made the announcement today after he was spotted in a viral video where he bare-chested and nearly naked in bed with a strange woman

In the intimate video, the lady was seen playfully sunk her teeth into Didier Drogba’s shoulder and he screamed in pain and later speak to her in French language about being bitten that:

According to the source, he was forced to issue the statement officially, as the matter of facts the separation has already occurred last year according to what he wrote below.

Didier Drogba met the Malian woman in 1990 at Paris and got married in 2011 which was blessed with three children

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