The Imam that Mistakenly Married A Guy As His Wife, Arraign In Court

Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba of Kyampisi Masjid Noor mosque in Kayunga District, Uganda who was earlier reported to have ‘mistakenly’ married a man has been charged to court along with his ‘wife’ Ms Swabullah Nabukeera. READ DETAILS

Local media outlets in Uganda over the weekend reported the Imam was suspended from clerical duties by the mosque but the social media comments was dominated by gay accusation.

As Uganda constitution does not permit homosexuality (gay) The Imam was arraigned in court for having wedded a fellow man in the Islamic culture (Nikah) and was charged with having carnal knowledge with a person against the order of nature, and remanded to Ntenjeru prison.

Appearing in court on Thursday, Sheikh Mutumba, 27, was not allowed to take plea because his case can only be heard by a higher court, the newspaper added.

The Kayunga District Police Commander, Mr John Lukooto, also confirmed that the ‘imam wife’ Tumushabe had duped a number of men who fell in love with ‘her’ and later stole their money.

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