The date and venue of the mouthwatering heavyweight fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury has been revealed.

 The highly anticipating milestones fight between British superstar boxer, Anthony Joshua and the undisputed Tyson Fury has been disclosed

The fight which A. Joshua look forward to unite all four heavyweight belts in the Middle East have been schedule to take place in Saudi Arabia

This was disclosed by Anthony Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn while speaking to Sky Sports on Tuesday, May 11 2021. He said the fight will take place in Saudi Arabia on August 7 or 14.

Hearn also stated that both Joshua and Fury were happy to trust the Saudis because they already ‘delivered on every one of their promises’ for Joshua’s fight against Andy Ruiz in 2019.

“August 7, August 14,” Hearn said on Sky Sports when asked about a date for Joshua-Fury. “It’s a very bad secret that the fight is happening in Saudi Arabia. I don’t mind giving that information, Bob Arum’s already done it.

“It’s the same people we did the deal with for Andy Ruiz, that event was spectacular. As partners, they were fantastic as well, so we’re very comfortable.

“We’re very comfortable. Anthony’s comfortable, he knows those people. They delivered on every one of their promises last time, we’re ready to go.”

The fight which is set to generate a sum of £500million, with Joshua and Fury agreeing a 50/50 split Was schedule 7 days prior to Olympics which Hearn also said he’ll prefer the 14th because of global attention

 He said

“In terms of a global spectacle, it would make sense to go on the 14th,” Hearn added. “That’s one of the other things to tick off, hopefully, in the next few days.”

Hearn added: “There’s no reason why it shouldn’t happen this week. This is kind of like the moment where you could actually turn around at this point and say ‘this is dragging on too long, or I can’t be dealing with this anymore’.

“But we have to nail this, and I’m not going to stop until I nail it, and everyone has just got to move forward collectively. It is inevitable, but at the same time, we’ve got to close the door on it.”

The August clash will be the first in a two-fight deal, with the second bout expected to take place at the end of 2021.

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