The terms of use {terms and condition} is a legal agreement that govern the relationship between you and Notensionzone, accordingly,  grant you access also pave way of serving you better. Therefore by using our service we assumed that you have read and understand our terms of use {terms and condition}.

These terms of use was put in a concise self-explain, simple and unambiguous way, stated below:


All Notensionzone user are to aware that all content {Including music, videos, images, graphics, logos} contained in Notensionzone are all subjected to copyright and we hereby implore that none of it should be copied, Rebroadcast, Reproduce, or Commercially Exploited in part or in all in any forms, its should be noted that all content in Notensionzone website are meant only to keep you inform with all the latest happenings. 

We take extra ordinary care to make sure that our content are as magnificent and as efficacy as possible as we stick share buttons to any post that are sharable such as embedded and all social media buttons {facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp, linkedin and others}

                                   In many circumstances, some of our content may contain post of individual {Such as; Nollywood actors/actress, athletics, politicians, activist, organizations, journalist, prominent religious leaders/scholars, government agencies, lawyers, doctors, schools}   from their respective verified social media handles, usually we don’t own copyright to those shareable content but most time we have to seek the license or permission of those content from those people who made it. So we appeal users to comply with this rule otherwise those people may not give us their permission again.


Your name and email as requested in our comment section are utmost confidential information to us and in no circumstances will lead us to revealed or use it in any form to third party without letting you know first, we usually display your name along with your creations/comment and if in any circumstances/situation/condition where you wish to express your thought/opinion without your name, it’s desirable to use the word “ANONIMOUS” as your name instead and ensure not to include in your creation/comment  hate, disgust, violent, falsely accusation speech in any form with/to other members or regarding the particular content you have read as this will safeguard the platform from causing unnecessary trouble.

In any of our content we make sure that your opinion get approbation/approve and if in any circumstances something goes wrong Notensionzone will not be responsible/accountable for any user’s opinion/ thought


The site’s content at times may contain some health or medical related which are sexually explicit inform of images, graphics, videos, audios and may also be in written form which may be irritated to some users and if you find those content offensive, it is advisable to restrict from viewing, reading, watching or listen to such content in any form It may be, as Notensionzone will also clearly state it in headlines of such content that “IT’S RATED 18”

And with this to the fullest permissible by applicable law in no event shall Notensionzone will be responsible/accountable to any form of personal injury, loss of profit or property damage that may flair up from using the platform as you agree to this limitation of liability

                                   We declaim that if by any chance among content contained in Notensionzone.com in any forms violate the copyright rule or infringe an unauthorized music, videos, graphics, audios file own/authorized by any user(s) should give us notice as we assure that proper action will be taken as soon as we get the notification.


We go extra miles in bringing you updates in simple and unambiguous way grafted in proper sequences as they happen and also pay extra care on avoiding fallacious, delusive, erroneous and misleading news. But in some instances, where you read some content that seems not understandable/ comprehensible or leaving you in state of confusions, it is advisable to neglect such content in any form. For example, the site does not provide advice or prescription of any medical drugs, the content of Notensionzone and information obtain from it, are mainly and purposely for informing and not intended to act as a substitute for any professional medical practitioner’s advice or prescription or diagnose or treatment, As we advise you( our users) to always seek or consult professional medical practitioner for diagnoses, treatments or prescription of medical drugs and not to base your judgment of understanding from something you read on Notensionzone.   


These terms of use (terms and condition) are all subjected to changes over time. The changes will not be retroactive as we will surely notify you of any changes made. we also recommend subscribing to our newsletter in the home page for easier notification of any event or news.

                                   For any question regarding this terms of use (terms and condition) contact us by sending your question/enquiry to [email protected] notensionzone.com