“Southern Governors have declared war on headers” – Miyetti Allah

Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, one f the bodies governing the affairs of herdsmen in Nigeria have said the ban put upon on open grazing by Southern Governors depicts war on headers

The group said this in an exclusive interview with PUNCH news on Monday via it spokesperson, Salah Alhassan

He said with the pronouncement of open grazing ban by the 17 state governors is nothing but an “empty policy” adding that headers were also victim of killing and insecurity in the country

Alhassan condemn resolved made by the southern governor says that no leader should wake and put a ban on open grazing without creating ranch

Many reaction have followed the decision made by the 17 Southern Governors in a resolved meeting held on Tuesday in Asaba titled Asaba Accord.

The governor sighted the need to take on the issue of insecurity with persistent clashes between farmers and herders being witnessed in their various state and was traced to criminal element among header which made them ban open grazing and movement of cattle by foot in the region

 “We condemn it, it is totally unacceptable to us. You can’t ban our business without providing ranches. Let them create ranches for us, we don’t have the land, we are ready to ranch, we are ready to pay, let them create the enabling environment for us.

“The ban is an empty policy because it has no basis. You can’t ban our business, we are not criminals, let them go after the bandits and the criminals.”

“We can’t comply with an empty policy. If they create ranches and ask us to go there, we will go there but they can’t wake up one day and say they are banning our business.

“If the governors are stopping us from grazing, they are preparing for confrontation. Their action is a declaration of war on the herders,” He said

Alhassan added that the group was already set to work together with state governors to fish out criminal element among headers before putting ban on open grazing adding the group is ready to take legal actions against the Southern governors if they stopped the business of the nomadic herders.

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