The Senator who his son was murdered by bandits said Nigeria must address the issue of Insecurity very fast

Senator Bala Ibn Na’Allah who recently lost his first son in the hand of bandits says Nigeria must address the root causes of insecurity so that it can effectively bring an end to its challenges.

The lawmaker, representing Kebbi South Senatorial District whose his son Captain Abdulkarim Na’Allah was strangled to death in his Kaduna home on Sunday, August 29, 2021 said this while addressing the journalist on Tuesday, August 31st that Nigeria is making a big mistake by not addressing the main causes of insecurity.

“The issue of insecurity in this country is evolutionary. It’s not something that just came up.

“And for us to tackle that issue, we must first of all accept the fact that it’s evolutionary,” he said.

The lawmaker said part of the nation’s problems is its failure to take care of the porous borders.

He said the country must stop ‘being lackadaisical’ about a lot of things, and ensure lawbreakers don’t escape justice.

“The cumulative effect is what we’re facing now. If we refuse to admit that, we’ll never clearly find the antidote for insecurity in this country,” he warned.

The Federal Government has struggled to contain the wave of violence that has affected many parts of the country, especially over the past couple of years which also resulted into death of senator Na’Allah

The killers of the 36-year-old pilot gained access to his home through the roof, and stole a Lexus SUV vehicle from his parking lot.

In the statement, he described his late son as one of the finest ambassadors of his family, saying he did the family proud in his lifetime.

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