See the picture of a nursing Mum breastfeeding her child while writing an Exam

Picture of a lady that went viral on social media capture the scene where she is breastfeeding her child while writing an exam

A nursing mum identified as Onyedikachi-Nwalozie share her story of being a mother of infant and still continues her ambition which lead her to a situation where she had to breast feed her child while in an examination hall

The mother of three narrate on her Facebook page
that her husband, who was waiting outside the exam hall with their child, had tried everything to make their son stop crying. When nothing worked, he handed the child over to the invigilator who then took the baby to the mother.

The mother also try her best to pacify the child but refuse to stop crying which made her start insinuating that the child is going to die crying. The child was eventually calmed after he let out a long breath on breastfeeding and she said that is how the two stayed for two hours of the exam

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