See the picture of a 26-year-old Man who got electrocuted while reconnecting power cable for #400

A 26-year-old local electrician was electrocuted on top of electric pole while reconnecting an electric cable disconnected by power holding official

The young man identified as Humble Paul, met his death on Sunday evening, March 28, at Ede Ai-agbenu community in Okpoga when got called by a person whose his power have been disconnected due to non-payment of bill and was asked to reconnect the power cable for #400 which he agree

According to a resident who was present at place of the incident narrate that Paul had climbed the electric pole without ladder, gloves, protective jackets or other protective equipment

The resident said Paul was electrocuted immediately the power of the entire community was restore because he rested on one of the connected cable while working at the top of the pole

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