Republic of Benin express desire to become Nigerian’s 37th state

The Republic of Benin formerly known as Dahomey have shown their desire to join Nigeria and become the 37th state of The most populous black nation

It’s been a while the republic of Benin have been casting an envious glance on the border they share with Nigeria

This was disclosed shortly after the closed door meeting the Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama have with the Beninoise foreign minister and corporations, Aurélien Agbenonci
Onyeama said

“The President of Benin said as far as they are concerned, they want (not just saying it like that) but in reality, Benin should be the 37th state of Nigeria, ” 

Onyeama added that Benin president also made the same offer during his visit to discuss bilateral agreement on how to find lasting solution to the issue of smuggling in the border with president Muhammadu Buhari few weeks ago

Onyeama adds. “They charged us to come together at ministerial level, to work out a framework for a sustainable relationship.”

Benin republic who bordered by Togo Nigeria Burkina Faso and Niger with majority of it population reside in small southern coastalime of Bight of Benin

The country cover land mass of 114,763 square kilometres(44,310 sq mi) and it entire population was estimated to be approximately 11.5 million

We will recall, this is not the first time the French colonised country will show their willingness to join Nigeria as their former president Boni Yayi made thee offer to former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan back in 2011 also offer the current president Buhari in 2015

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