Remember this meme photo? Meet the angry kid now | And how His photo went viral

In an exclusive interview with the man behind popular meme photo used by most internet users for expression revealed that the picture was actually taken when he sees his cruise with another boy

The man identified as Evans Tedunjaiye speaks with MICHAEL AROMOLARAN where he narrated the circumstances of the day the picture was taken

He said

I was six years old at the time. The picture was taken on July 23, 2005. It was our graduation/prize-giving day in primary school and I had seen my crush earlier with someone else before I got called to collect my gift. So, everything felt doleful for me throughout the event. You know how it is seeing your crush with someone else.

The man who is now in his 20s said that the picture was posted by him as a throwback photo which coincides with the time of convocation of Nigeria private universities

Well, I posted the photo as a ‘throwback picture’ on August 6, 2020, without the intention of it going viral.

I posted it around the time private universities were having convocation ceremonies. So, a young guy from Babcock University (known as the ‘Angry bird’) posted his graduation pictures of him squeezing his face. So, Twitter users took my throwback picture and took his and captioned it with something like ‘How it started vs how it’s going’.

So, the picture went viral during that period. That was the first time of it going viral. I was happy my picture went viral initially, but at the same time, I wasn’t, because I did not receive the recognition. Instead, the recognition went to the ‘Angry bird’ guy. You understand what I mean now, like someone getting your own recognition

Tedunjaiye, who just concluded his Diploma in French language said he have been called up by some companies to help promote their brand on social media.

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