Remember the lady who her fiancé snatched her wig and footwear he bought for her in public place? | She said something concerning the incident

You will recall the video of a man that went viral on the internet where he was seen pulling her girlfriend wig and footwear he bought for her after he spotted her having lunch with another man

The lady has appeared in a new video where she admitted that she was caught but not in a compromising position as people say

She begged all Nigeria to stop accusing her of cheating on her fiancé and stop giving names

In the video which capture the scene of the lady’s fiancé who spotted her with another man in Jabi Lake Mall restaurant , approach her and snatched items she bought for her. Click here to watch the video

The lady also admitted that her man overact that day by collecting what he bough for her

She begged all Nigerian to not drive her into depression

Watch the video below

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