Read the Report of A woman that defaced her brother’s maid’s face with iron

According to a post shared on Facebook by women and child’s rights activist Tobore Anne, a woman named Udeme Livinus, who lives with her brother, had a fight with her brother’s maid, Favour, so she burnt Favour’s face with a hot iron.

The abuse reportedly happened on December 23 in their apartment in Owerri.

The report sent to Tobore reads: “Good evening ma, please help me post. Justice must be done, see what this wicked lady did to her brothers house help on 23rd December.

“Udeme is a full grown lady staying in her brother’s apartment in Owerri. Favour is a girl helping Udeme’s brother and the wife out.

“Udeme came back home one evening around 10 pm and was knocking on the door but everyone was fast at sleep. Later, Favour came out and opened the door for her. Udeme started beating Favour. Both of them fought, after that, Udeme started planning evil against Favour.

“On 23rd December 2:45 am, Udeme heat an electric Iron, moved to Favour’s room, destroyed Favour’s face with the iron and ran away. Please let’s share until Favour gets justice.”

Woman allegedly defaces her brother
Woman allegedly defaces her brother
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