Read Davido’s and Fans’ reactions as his stylist happen to be the same man that used to trashed his music some years back

They say whatever you say or post on internet, if you forget, internet will never forget, seems same situation as a twitter who recently style Davido in the picture above was the same person who used to bash and trash his song, his music career and himself some years back

The stylish took to his Twitter page to announce his successful job that he styled Davido hoping that this will help his business to move forward

Surprisingly, the situation seem different as die hard fans of the singer dug up the stylist tweet as far as 2018 and drag him for many hostile comment he had made about Davido and his music to the extent that he said after listen to “assurance” he will have to wash his ears with bleaches
Below are some reaction to the comment

Fortunately, as fans continue to drag the stylist, Davido tweets “Forgive and Forget”

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