PTF on COVID-19 declared Kogi state as high risk state for contacting the virus, Warned people to limit visitation

The presidential task for on COVID-19 has declared Kogi state and part of four other state as a high risk place for contracting the virus

During the news briefing on COVID-19 pandemic held in Abuja on Monday February 1, the national incident manager, Mukhtar Muhammad said some state like Yobe, Jigawa, Zanfara, Kebbi and most especially Kogi State are given almost no report of the level of testing in the state, hereby accused the state government of failing to provide more isolation center and encourage the conspiracy going on of people disregarding the existence of the virus

Muhammad warn all visitors in the state and people who about to visit to be wary of the state as no information is available on the level at which the virus is spreading

He said

He also added a number of local government in 22 state across the country where there is high number of cases record on daily basis

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