• Are you an upcoming Artiste?
  • Are you a hip-hop Singer carrier Person?
  • Are you planning on diving into hip-hop singing?
  • Do you have talent in making people laugh?
  • Did you already have a single yet to be promoted?
  • Do you run out of funds while promoting your songs?
  • Did your already promoted songs yielded noting despite your heavy labor?


  • Do you doubt yourself of making it to your breakthrough in the Entertainment Industry?

All these questions need a lot of courage to get answered from yet to breakthrough hip-hop singer, but calm down, don’t be discourage, this is one of the major reason of our existence, is always there for you.

For an upcoming hip-hop artiste, knowing existing enormous number of pop singer and statistics of people pursuing their various way of making it to their stardom in music alone, will seems like a huge challenge and may put a setback to courage needed to start-up.

This is why NTZ comes up with this stroke of genius plan which enable all upcoming artist to get their song (singles, album or free-style of any genre) featured and available for download in where all user will feel free to leave comment/review about such music. Highlight below are the exceptional benefits / advantages you will surely reap: will surely let your song(s) get to the right people, what we mean by this is that, listen to music before download it is an unusual occurrence among music downloaders, giving them some notable lyrics may not be enough than stating the inspiration behind the music, what’s the whole lyrics is all about, is it a danceable, enjoyable, relaxable or inspired song meanwhile some people need brief statement about such song and the artiste that sing it, all these will be tagged along with your song and will surely ended up on the people who will appreciate your diligence.

In addition to this question will be thrown to our dear user to let us known how they view this new artiste’s song (about the instrument, lyrics or the voice) and to pen either flaws or eulogizing comment down, which can also contribute substantially toward improvement of the artiste music carrier.

Secondly, your song will not only be posted in platform but also to the entire social media handle of the’s platform and tag necessary well known artiste and a number of popular record label CEOs.

Finally, As a big fan of music, we cherish unique content a lot especially a presentable one, which indirectly means that as we are promoting your songs we will become your number one fan which enable us to give you priceless advice and things needed also give you insights of major things that you might think not necessary but helpful and are expected by listeners out their.

And to finish solving the questions stated above, All these are offer just for FREE!!, yes it is free of charge, yours is to notify us of your interest in making your song get featured on through the contact stated below.

Also note that the decision of getting your song approved and featured on are based on some certain measure and criteria which include:

  1. Your lyrics should be unique and authentic i.e should not violate copyright of anyone’s song
  2. Should not be banned by National Broadcasting Commission, NBC i.e radio friendly
  3. The lyrics should be free from offensive, vulgarity, or provocative words in any form

On fulfilling these, it will give us the courage and confident in joining you on your route to stardom.

You can reach us through