President Buhari’s supporter stormed Abuja house in United Kingdom | falsify Omokri’s siege claimed

President Muhammadu Buhari’s supporter residing in the United Kingdom have stormed the Nigerian diplomatic mission in London where the President lodge for his medical routine

the protesters stormed the residence with placards which have inscriptions such as “This Storm Will Surely Pass”, “God Loves Nigeria”, “We Are Stronger Together”, among others.

This followed protest staged by aid to the former president Goodluck Jonathan whom have been protesting in front of the building and claimed that the protest had laid a siege to the house and Buhari had been denied access to his doctors.

Contrary to his claim, One of Buhari supporters said during the protest that Rono’s claim is a fake news

He said

“There is the news about the president being held hostage, everyone could see, to my left, my right, you can see that there is nothing there, no one is being held hostage, it’s all fake news. But we are here today to actually show support to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, that we are here for you, Nigeria in the diaspora actually support you.

“We support you for the great things you are doing in the country, obviously, definitely, there is no country with perfect government, there is no perfect government out there. We are saying that despite the challenge in the country, Nigerians in diaspora support him. Nigerians in Nigeria also support him and we will continue doing that.

“We are not where we should be, no doubt, but surely, we have left where we use to be and deal to your commitment, dedication and also to your hard work and strides, I want to comment those giant strides, you have been able to put together in Nigeria. We thank you Mr President for every single thing that you have done. We thank you Mr. President for being loyal to the citizens of the country, we thank you Mr. President, for the people oriented policies, we thank you Mr President for the youth-oriented policies, we thank you Mr President for turning the entire Nigeria into a construction site, there are roads being constructed, there are rail being constructed, there are infrastructure being put to the north, to the west, to the east to the south.”

President Buhari who has embark on a medical trip right from the onset of nation wide strike embark upon by resident doctors

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