President Buhari signed Coronalvirus health protection 2021 which mandate use of face mask for every Nigerian

President Muhammadu Buhari has signed the 2021 health protection which made the use of face mask compulsory for everyone when in public place

While briefing the Newsmen, the chairman of Presidential task force, Boss Mustapha said president Buhari signed it yesterday with exercise of power conferred on him by section 4 of the quarantine act Cap.Q2 law of federal Republic of Nigeria

Here is the summery

Part one deal with number of people that should be allow to gather in an indoor public places which should not be more than 50 and all should maintained at least two miter distance to one another except in religion places

Part two mandate the use of face mask for all Nigerian when public places like, school, market, shop, hotel and so on
Body temperature check should be in place and anyone having temperature above normal should be denied entry and advise to seek medical attention

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