President Buhari begs Nigerians to be fair on his administration

President Muhammadu Buhari beg all Nigerian to be fair and made credible judgment of his administration saying the crisis in the Northeast and the theft of crude oil in the south-south have to a large extent affected his administration’s performace.

President Buhari said this while in an exclusive interview on Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) on June 11th, Friday evening where he noted that collapse of oil market was a major set back of his adminaitration, said the available resources to his administration could not be compared to what previous administration had before he assumed power.

He added that the previous administrations sold a barrel of crude oil for 100 US Dollars.  

“Nigerian should be fair to this administration, they should reflect seriously at the time we came in esp relative to the northeast and the south.”

“The resources we have now, how much were we producing now to what the previous administration was producing. 2.1m barrel per day average at the Price cost of 100 American dollars.” He said

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