Pigeon released by President Buhari refuses to fly despite many attempt during celebration of armed forces remembrance day

The pigeon released by President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR refuse to flew in the air despite many attempt to make the bird fly away during celebration of armed forces remembrance day

Today, Nigerian mark armed forces remembrance day in Abuja, as one of the major procedure in the event, President is expected to take one pigeon from the birdcage at National arcade and release them into the air but the situation seems a little different today as the pigeon refuse to fly away despite many attempt by Mr. President
The president was very eager to let the bird go but seems impossible since it refuse to fly on it own later the president tired of trying and leave the bird on the floor, fortunately just before he reach his sit some of the bird flew on their own

This incident have strangled many hilarious comment especially on Twitter some even transcribed it,
However, the purpose of releasing bird on such event is to commemorate the departed loved one and also to demonstrate peace.
While on it, Recent research shows that Domesticated pigeons also known as dove which are used to live with his owner or any human beings are not always fly away when in hand of anybody

To burst your view!

This is not the first time such incident will occur on the armed forces remembrance day

Recall in 2014 the dove refused to flew away from the hand of former President Goodluck Jonathan

Which many people speculate and translate to mean something else like the comment made by the spiritual director of the adoration ministry, Enugu during that time he describe the  incident at the time as a sign that God had abandoned Jonathan

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