Pastor arrested in Edo for applying anointing oil on private part of a pregnant woman and said “I did it for deliverance purpose”

One pastor identified as Jeffery Ihievu has been arrested by Edo state police command on the count charge of indecent assault he commit against a pregnant woman for applying oil on her breast and private part

According to Standard Gazette’s correspondent, Festus Alenkhe at the crime scene. The prevalent pastor of Assemblies of God Church in Esan South East Local Government Area got arrested followed a report received by the police headquarters from the victim’s family

It was gather that the pregnant woman complain to the pastor about how she constantly having bad dream ever since she have conceived a baby and the pastor order her to undress for him to be able to apply anointing oil all over her body including her private part whoich the woman also obeyed

However, when the eleventh months old pregnant woman reach house with her husband she narrate what pastor did to her when she could no longer feel the kicks of the baby inside her which makes her husband to led things to the pastor’s house

Meanwhile some family members have report the incident to the police station which led to arrest of the pastor

While speaking with the correspondent, the pastor said

“I actually did it for deliverance purpose and nothing more. She complained to me of her situation, and l took her to my office where l used the anointing oil on her private part, and l do not mean harm. Her husband even brought thugs to attack me at home.”

The police headquarters in Benin City said thorough investigation is ongoing about the incident

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