Owerri Jailbreak: Nine prisoner who fled prison during attack on police facilities busted in Ghana

Nine fugitive inmates who escape and entered Ghana illegally got arrested by Ghanaian police

According to Ada Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent, Francis Somian who said the inmates were arrested following a tip-off received

The inmates was arrested follow a jailbreak at Owerri custodial center in Imo where more than 1,800 prisoners were set free by Gunmen who burn the police facility on April 5

One of the official of Ghanaian police said their operatives believe that those men arrested were runaways prisoner from Nigerian who manages to entered Ghana via commercial bus after crossing river Volta into Ada Foah and intended to settle in Accra, the country capital

The suspects who are identified as Emmanuel Obinnah Chiedozie – 27, Steve Eyenuku – 33, Enebeli Lucky – 29, Yommi Usmah – 29, Keli Ekureni -33, Freedom Yusuf – 25, Obi Onuora – 38, Patrick Chanar – 47, and Bless Eyenuku -25 was caught with both Nigeria and Ghana currencies, passports and ID card

Meanwhile, Nigeria correctional service have unveiled the names and faces of prisoners who escaped the Owerri prison and promised to pardon those inmates that return voluntarily

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