Over 1,500 Candidates shortlisted for teaching stormed Ogun state governor’s office demanding employment letter

The Ogun state governor’s office witnessed the massive protest of over 1,500 candidates that are shortlisted by Ogun state universal basic education board whom are yet to receive their respective appointment letter.

They stormed the governor’s office at Okemosan, Abeokuta to lament the delay in the release of the employment letters more than a year after they were shortlisted for the employment.

Each candidates was seen carrying a placard with various messages to express their grievance which includes “Save our soul, Omoluabi governor,”  “Please, Mr governor we need our letters”, “You are delaying us with Our appointment Letters” among others.

They lamented they had heaved a sigh of relief over their state of unemployment when they were shortlisted, but they noted the delay in the release of their employment letters has compounded their woes.

Speaking on their behalf, Oluwatosin Fatunbi said the 1,500 candidates were shortlisted out of the 2,900 applicants.

Fatunbi said

“We, the SUBEB shortlisted applicants that made it to the Final Stage and it was boldly said by the Governor himself that we should expect our letters soon that the process was put on hold because of Covid-19 and that because they were still negotiating the Minimum wage. He said that immediately after negotiation of the minimum wage we would get our appointment letters.

“And here we are today in March 2021, more than a year after we had the Oral interview, we are still not yet employed and it has been all over that the governor has employed 1,500 teachers, which he has not completed.

“This is just an avenue for us to call the attention of the Governor, we know he is a listening Governor, we know he is the father of the masses he would definitely hear out.

“We are appealing at a time like this to please consider us and approve the release of our employment letters.”

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