“Only 60,000 local and international pilgrimage will perform Hajj this year” 

Saudi Arabia government through its Ministry of Health has said only 60,000 local and international pilgrims will be allowed to perform this year’s holy pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

This was made known via the ministry twitter handle @Haramain which started that those performing Hajj must be between the aged of 18-60 years, and must be in good health and had not been hospitalised in the past six month prior to the journey for Hajj.

The tweet further stated

Pilgrims must have had, both doses of vaccine with vaccination card provided by the individual countries, health organization, hospital and ministry.

“The vaccine taken must be on the approved list that is recognized by the ministry of health within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“The intended pilgrims must be quarantine for three days, if the are classed as foreign pilgrims as soon as they arrive in the kingdom.

“The condition of social distancing and wearing of the mask must be observed, and other precautionary measures to protect the pilgrims against the spread of the virus,” the tweet said.

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