Oluwo of iwo Land and His Jamaican born wife made their separation after four years.

The Oluwo of iwo kingdom, Oba abdulrosheed Adewale and his Jamaican born wife, Ms Chanel Chin have announced their Separation after four year of marriage.

They were married in November 2015, after their meeting in Canada where they both lived before Oba abdulrosheed ascend his forefathers throne.

The couple announced their separation in a statement on saturday by the media adviser to the oluwo of iwo land, Alli Ibraheem, the separation cited an irriconcilable differences for the action.

This is to inform the general public most especially Friend and associate of oluwo of iwo land His imperial majesty One (Dr) Abdulrosheed Adewale akanbi, Telu 1, That MS Chanel Chin is an ex-queen of His majesty.

This information is necessary for the attention of the general public to avoid representation of proxy and accordance of respect attached to the sacred tool of oluwo to her.

for personal irreconcilable differences, Ms Chanel chin ceased to be his majesty’s queen. We equally enjoin the public to disregard any business transaction or request with her using the office of his majesty.

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