NSCDC: 13-years-old girl jumped from two storeys building just to escaped punishment from her boss

A 13-years-old girl identified as Uduak Willy reportedly jumped from two storey building in other to escape punishment from his boss

The incident appeared in the news days ago where she was allegedly pushed from two storeys building by his boss for stealing #500
According to NSCDC a bi state command, Vincent Ogu said the girl who live with Emeka igwe and his wife at 24 niger stone, Enugu-port Harcourt express way near Arieria market, Aba abia State

Ogu said that his command was started by special adviser to the state governor on teenage matters, Chinemenma Umesaka and he immediately mobilised his men to the house to rescue the victim

Unfortunately they are unable to arrest the perpetrator which he was allegedly fled the scene before their arrival but later lure by a member of NSCDC Aba division, Headquarters, Uche Uduma, and got arrested along with his mother in law for involvement in child trafficking, child labour, domestic violence and attempted murder

The couple denied the allegation but accept that they indeed pushed the child for steeling and denied that they pushed her from the storey building
Speaking with the victims, she said she didn’t steal the said money and she clarified that she was not pushed

The girl has been taken to federal medical centre Umahia for Medical check up and proper treatments

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