NIN registration deadline still stand if no advice from Government

The Nigeria communication commission says deadline for the ongoing registration for national identity number is still intact if there is no extension from the government.

Despite wide spread opposition against earlier deadline date, the agency has affirmed that there has been no extension for time being and may eventually end as scheduled if no advice is coming from the federal government

The clamouring for the extension was due to the large number of people gathering everyday at various NIN offices across the country amid widespread of covid-19 pandemic

We would recall that federal government first declared December 15th 2020 as deadline date for NIN registration and integration of subscriber but later extend it to December 30th with warning that any subscribers yet to enrolled on the integration of NIN with Sim will be disconnect from service provider.

Follow the humongous number of people and widespread opposition against the deadline date the government made additional three weeks extension for subscribers with NIN and six weeks for subscriber that are yet to obtain their NIN

The public affair of NCC, Ikechukwu Adinde noted while speaking with punch correspondence that no deadline extension has been approved as the recent deadline extension still stand

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