Nigeria recorded 1,398 fresh covid-19 cases across 22 States including FCT

Nigeria Centre for disease control ( NCDC ) has recorded 1,398 new case of covid-19 infections from 22 states and the federal capital territory Abuja.

According to late night tweet from the agency verified Twitter handle shows that Lagos the epic Centre lead with 542 cases followed by FCT with 131 cases other state include Oyo-120 Rivers-113 Plateau-111 Kaduna-71 Kwara-71 Akwa Benue-28 Nasarawa-11 Ogun-27 Kano-26 Kebbi-17 Osun-12 Delta-10 Gombe-10 Bayelsa-9 Borno-9 Edo-8 Ekiti-3 Jigawa-2 Katsina-2 Ibom-34 Sokoto-31

792 people reportedly discharged yesterday through community recovery in Lagos (317), Kwara (241) and Plateau state (134)

It has been a week now that NCDC consistently recording above a thousand new cases daily, though the vitality has not reached the level of other highly infected countries but the number of infected people and the rate of spreading in becoming alarming, so please do stay save

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