Nigeria record 1,867 new cases of covid-19 infections in 23 states and FCT

The Nigeria center for disease control NCDC, has announced that 1,598 cases of covid-19 was added to the National figures yesterday January 16.

According to the late night tweet from the agency’s verified Twitter handle, those new cases were recorded from 23 state and federal capital territory Abuja with Lagos the epic point also commercial Centre of the country lead with 461 cases followed by Abuja with 206, other states as follows: Plateau-197 Rivers-168 Kaduna-116 Anambra-53 Ogun-49 Ebonyi-47 Edo-42 Sokoto-32 Imo-31 Katsina-31 Oyo-30 Akwa Ibom-27 Delta-16 Kano-16 Abia-15 Niger-15 Ondo-11 Bayelsa-10 Borno-9 Kebbi-8 Ekiti-7 Jigawa-1

Total cases in Nigeria have now reach 107,345 with 84,535 discharge and 1,413 vitality related to covid-19 complication

They also stressed that just 430 people were discharged yesterday only in Lagos states through their community recovery which was manage inline with the guidelines

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