Nigeria become second most corrupt country in West Africa region

Nigeria drop to 149 on Transparency international’s 2020 corruption perception index which is the worst position ever for the biggest economy nation in Africa continent

According to TI’s report for year 2020, Nigeria score 25 points out of 100 which make Nigeria drop in rank to 149 position from 147th in 2019 with 26 points Generally, in Africa only 12 country are more corrupt than Nigeria,

they are Zimbabwe, Chad, Eritrea, Burundi, Congo, Guinea Bissau, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Somalia and South Sudan, among this twelve most corrupt nation in Africa Somalia and south Sudan are also ranked first and second all over the world while New Zealand, Denmark Finland and Singapore are maintained their respective less corrupt status

Following the trend in TI’s ranking, Nigeria has been dropping for the fourth year which inversely mean Nigeria is becoming more advance in manipulating public fund

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