Nigeria Become 4th in the rank of “Most at Risk country for humanitarian Catastrophe”

New analysis by experts from the International Rescue Committee, IRC, has ranked Nigeria as the 4th most at risk country for humanitarian catastrophe in 2020 after Yemen ,the Democratic Republic of Congo and Syria. Nigeria was ranked 8th in the previous analysis for 2019.

The latest ranking by the IRC emergency response experts showed that other countries on the top 10 list are Venezuela (5th), Afghanistan (6th), South Sudan (7th), Burkina Faso (8th), Somalia (9th) and the Central African Republic, CAR (10th).

In a statement released Tuesday, the IRC observed that Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria and Venezuela are Watchlist 2020’s top five crises, all five of which ranked highly in the 2019 list, demonstrating collective failure of the international community to resolve the root causes of these humanitarian disasters.

According to the statement, nine of the 10 countries in the top 10 are experiencing major conflict.

“Nearly all countries in the Sahel region, from Mali to Sudan, are on Watchlist 2020. This reflects the impact of rising conflict – driven by  militancy and competition for resources as well as increasing droughts and flooding possibly related to climate change.

“Disease outbreaks are a major concern in many Watchlist countries. The Ebola outbreak continues in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (No. 2 on the list) and presents a threat to several other countries on the Watchlist.

“Cholera is present in several more, including Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. In many Watchlist countries, prolonged armed conflict has damaged health, sanitation and other infrastructure, increasing the risk of disease outbreaks.  Venezuela’s economic collapse has had similar consequences,” the statement noted.

Countries on the list disproportionately host populations in need of humanitarian assistance and are among the states least equipped to respond to new crises or sudden deterioration in crises.

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