NGO: plans are underway to rehabilitate more than 20 yahoo Boys

Velma Foundation, an NGO, says plans are underway to rehabilitate more than 20 internet fraudsters, otherwise known as yahoo boys.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday in Abuja, Mr David Ashaolu, the director of the group said that the plan would be actualised through the Velma Action to Reduce Cybercrimes (VELMA-ARC).

Ashaolu said VELMA-ARC was a social integration programme for the rehabilitation of cybercriminals.

According to him, those to be rehabilitated are those who had voluntarily submitted themselves for that.

“Velma-ARC targets individuals engaged in cybercrime activities who volunteer to desist from such activities and provide their expertise towards fighting cybercrimes in Nigeria.

“Many vibrant and tech-savvy youths caught in this web of cybercrime have expressed a desire to disengage and there is need for a strategic approach to ensure maximum impact.”

He added that

the project would simultaneously address a combination of twin vices: youth unemployment and crime.

“Participants will acquire skill enhancements so that they can be gainfully employed and be further monitored for a period of six months to ensure complete rehabilitation.”

The director said the initiative was borne out of a need to change the bad impression cybercrime had given Nigeria globally.

“The scourge of cybercrimes has diminished our reputation in the international community.

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