Most #ENDSARS protesters are eager to join Nigeria police force – IGP Adamu

The inspector general of police, Muhammad Adamu said that most youth that participated during the #Endsars protest are showing interest and eager to join the Nigerian police force

The IGP made this statement while in an interview on channel television on Monday January 25th, he said most of them are willing to join on the will of “The service the police provide is a service of God”

IGP Adamu also emphasized the issue of police report being demand by medical officers before attending to stabbed or gunshot patients
He said

Recall, of recent a lady lost her life in an hospital in Lagos due to police report demanded from her by the medical officer in duties before attend to her, after she said she got stabbed by some armed robbery

The act was made by police and mandated for hospitals to avoid stabbed or gunshot patient which based on their assumption that they may be an armed robbers escaped from police while in combat with police

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