Local Vigilante kill nine bandits, arrest others while waiting to receive ransom to free abductors

Local vigilante have killed nine bandits and others were arrested while they are waiting to receive Ransom from an abductor’s relatives at Gulu town, Lapai Local Government Area of Niger State

Report said, the said bandits had earlier raided the Gulu town LGA and kidnapped people whom many of them have gained freedom after ransom were paid

But situation seems otherwise, as local vigilante in Gulu town exchanged gunfire with the abductors who are waiting to receive ransom from one of their abductor’s relatives
According to an eyewitness, on Sunday night March 15th, some of the abductor’s relatives was set to deliver the ransom for the bandits after they manage to gather the money but was sent back to town by the bandits to buy foodstuffs and others for them

On their way back to the forest with foodstuffs, they met a vigilante group who ask them what they are doing in the forest at that such time at night, after they narrate the ordeal to them, the vigilante ask the spot instructed to delivers the ransom

After listening to them, the vigilante group mobilise their men to the spot and exchanged intense gunfire with the bandits which lasted for some hours and nine of the bandits bodies were discovered while other were arrested and handed over to men of the Police Special Task Force – Operation Zuma in Ebbo.

“There was exchange of gunfire between the vigilante and the bandits, which lasted very long, but the vigilante were able to kill nine of the bandits and arrested seven others after which they brought the remains of the bandits to the village square,” the eyewitness said.

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