Liverpool 68 home game unbeaten run crashes after Burnley fired a late winner

It’s another bad day for the manager Jurgen Klopp and his men after they failed to find net in the match against Burnley on Thursday which ended 0-1 victory for Burnley

Burnley fire a late penalty kick spot after a burnley player was tripped up in the box by Liverpool goalkeeper, Alison at 83 minute of the game
This is the first time Liverpool will lose at home since 2017 after got beaten by Crystal Palace in April, similarly, this will be first winning of Burnley against host Liverpool since 1974

The defending champion is now six points behind the first place Manchester United and are expected to meet in the FA cup on Sunday

Burley surprise win give them hope of surviving relegation zone this season, it added three points and lift them to 16th with seven point clear from relegation zone

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