Julius Berger, Dangote, MTN NG, Top The League of 100 Nigerian Companies

NEXTMOMEY have Published their annual Top 100 Nigerian Companies in terms of Revenue, asset and profit in the fIscal year 2018 where Julius Berger top the League.

Alongside MTN Nigeria Communications, Dangote Group and Zenith Bank, the companies were announced as “Nigeria’s Top 100 Companies”; an exclusive club of the country’s corporate elite.

A survey by influential Business weekly magazine, NEXTMONEY in its December 2019 edition, Julius Berger ranked among the first 21 of the top 100 companies in terms of Assets of over N288.43 billion. In terms of revenue and profits for the period, the publication rated the company number 16 with N194.62 billion and N6.1 billion to show.

According to NEXTMONEY, the Top 100 Companies “is a galaxy of Nigeria’s blue chip companies with humongous assets, hefty revenues and princely profits. It is a showcase of publicly-held companies in the country that have posted impressive results after weathering the country’s excruciating economic weather’’.

It is an album of companies that represent a goldmine in the business world where investors can put their money and reap bountiful harvest in terms of return on investment even as it stressed that this report covered the 2018 accounting year.

On how the top companies were decided, NEXTMONEY stated that it extracted the relevant data from the audited accounts of the companies listed on the NSE and sorted them from the largest to the smallest and cut off at the 100th.

Thus, it said from any angle they are viewed, assets revenue and profits, companies falling into the upper 100 group in Nigeria are high performers to be coveted and sought after by serious and discerning investors.

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