Jeff Bezos reclaim his first position from Elon Musk as the riches man in world

The Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos have reclaimed his first position he has hold on to for year before loosing it to Elon Musk

We will recall on early January 2021 when TESLA (TSLA) share surge to 170 million shares which made the CEO, Musk rise above Bezos and became richest man in the universe

Musk’s six week reigning came to an end on Tuesday due to asset lost worth $4.5 Billion after TESLA shares fell to 2.4% leading him to second in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index ranking

Bloomberg Billionaires Index ranking is a daily rank which based on dynamic measure of personal wealth based on changes in international market

Although Bezos’s Met worth also fell by about $327 million but not as bad as musk’s which is enough to take him to the first position

As of today Wednesday February 17 the Bloomberg Billionaires Index ranking rank Jeff Bezos first with net worth of $191 Billion follow by Elon Musk (second) with $190 Billion and Bill gate (third position) with net worth $137 Billion

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