“It is illegal to deny anybody bail for any bailable offense, Release Baba Ijesha on bail” – Actor, Yomi Fabiyi tells Police

Nigerian Actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has solicited to the police to release his colleague, Baba Ijesha, on bail adding that it is illegal to deny anyone bail for nay bailable offence in Nigeria

The actor said this on his Instagram page story where he let his voice out to his colleague in acting, Baba Ijesha who had been in police custody for over two weeks arrested for allegedly molested a young girl

According to him, he said it is against the law to hold a suspect without trial. He added that it is a gross human rights abuse and a way of oppression for any other Nigerian no matter how highly placed to give such order to detailed indefinitely except a seating Judge

Actor, Fabiyi is one of people in forefront fighting for the release of Baba ijesha claiming that the CCTV footage video released was a set up, the claim which was opposed by the Yoruba actor Iyabo Ojo and accused Fabiyi of Appraising sexual assault

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