PMB: I will uphold 1999 constitution whether you call me “Baba go slow or not”

I will uphold 1999 constitution as ammended in carry out the policies of my regime “whether you call me Baba go slow or not” said by President Muhammad Buhari at Villa.

Buhari stated this when he received residents of the Federal Capital Territory led by the Minister, Muhammad Bello, during the traditional Christmas Day homage at The presidential Villa, Abuja.

Before receiving the FCT residents, he had earlier on Wednesday met with Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

The VP had presented Christmas gifts, including a card to his boss.

The  President said,

‘‘This administration sincerely believes that if you get infrastructure right, most Nigerians will mind their own business. They may not even care who is in government.

‘‘But when you deny them infrastructure, then there is nothing they can do.”

He thanked Nigerians for voting him into office twice, saying it was proof they sympathised with him.

He added,

‘‘But I can assure you that I thank Nigerians very much from the bottom of my heart.

‘‘When I travelled to all the 36 states before the elections, what I personally observed and the number of Nigerians that turned up in every state to see and listen to me, were more than what anybody can pay or force.
‘‘What I saw made me believe that the majority of Nigerians understand and sympathise with me.

“I swore to hold this office by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, whether you call me Baba Go Slow or not.

Source: punch news

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