I planned to leave P-Square in 2007 – Paul Okoye ( Rude boy )

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Paul Okoye better known as Rude boy has revealed in an interview that he had planned to split from the defunct music duo P – square in 2007

The singer said the issue led to the split of the group has been around ever since, adding that he actually made up his mind in 2007 to end the relationship and start his solo career

He described the issue going on at that time as a couple that are well known of posting their happy pictures but lot of issue are going on between the two behind the picture which many people are not aware

He added that back in 2007 he had made a solo album with tittle “Game Over” which he actually want to use to terminate the relationship within during that time but refutes the plan after some speculation from the people he send the album to and fans asking why he is the only one in the album

In 2003 the defunct music duo was lunched comprises Peter Okoye (now Mr. P) as dancer and Paul Okoye ( now Rude boy) as the singer, the team is like division of labour which also include their brother Jude Okoye who is in charge of managing the group and video director

In 2016 the duo reportedly disband over some misunderstanding /disagreement on the role of their manager back then but officially made known on 25 March 2017 after Peter Okoye (Mr. P) reportedly sent a termination of agreement letter to the group’s lawyer

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