Here is the list of Country, currently celebrating New year right now and others that will celebrate it today

As everyone knows that Earth rotates in 360° which takes 365 days perhaps 366 for the leap year which is ordained not be the same for every region in Earth, that is the reason why Australia is a nation many people think celebrates the New Year first but in reality, that is not true.

In fact, Nigeria will see the New Year ahead of countries like Argentina and Regions of Brazil.

Here are the countries celebrating New year Today, Tuesday December 31st, 2019 in Nigeria time.

  • 11am – Samoa and Christmas Island/Kiribati
  • 11:15am – New Zealand
    2pm – Most of Australia
    4pm – Japan, South Korea and North Korea
    5pm – China, Philippines, Singapore
    6pm – Thailand, Cambodia and large parts of Indonesia
    7pm – Bangladesh
    7.15pm – Nepal
    7.30pm – India and Sri Lanka
    8pm – Pakistan
    9pm – Azerbaijan
    9.30pm – Iran
    10pm – Turkey, Iraq, Kenya and most of Russia
    11pm – Greece, Romania, South Africa, Hungary and other central and eastern European cities
    12am – Germany, France, Italy, Algeria, Belgium, Spain
    1am – UK, Ireland, Ghana, Iceland, Portugal

Countries that will see the New Year on January 1st, 2020 Nigeria time

  • 3am – Regions of Brazil
  • 4am – Argentina, regions of Brazil, Chile, Paraguay
  • 5:00 am – Some regions of Canada, Bolivia, Puerto Rico
  • 6:00 am – Eastern Standard Time in the US – New York, Washington, Detroit and Cuba
  • 7:00 am – Central Standard Time in the US – Chicago
  • 8:00 am – Mountain Standard Time in the US – Colorado, Arizona
  • 9am – Pacific Standard Time  in the US – LA, Nevada
  • 10am – Alaska
  • 11am – Hawaii
  • 12pm – American Samoa
  • 1pm – Baker Island, Howland Island

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